10 Things


So.  It’s been just over a month since I left Rome and adjusting to being back home has been quite the process.  When I first arrived, I tried ordering in Italian a couple times when I went out, and blank stares pulled me back to my true geographical position in the world.  Then, naturally, I’d turn red and giggle-speak incomprehensibly before running away.  And now, after the weeks have passed, it feels like the entire last semester was but a dream.  Thankfully, the massive amount of pictures I took over those four months in Rome have been helpful reminders that no, I was not dreaming, and yes, I was in fact one lucky duck that got to live in La Città Eterna for four months.

Anywho.  Because feeling “Romesick” has very much been a real thing lately, I’ve decided to share a list that I originally compiled because I had to, haha.  My creative writing professor asked that for our last assignment, we all create a list of 10 things we love/hate about Rome.  And for our last class, we met at Castel Sant’Angelo, circled up at the top of the castle and read them to each other.  I wish I could share this with any readers from atop of that place like I did then, because WOW what a view, but for now, good ole’ screens will have to do…

~10 Things I Love/Hate About Rome~

</3 HATE </3


…and an expression to go with it, haha (at Villa Borghese)
  • Sidewalks littered with small, brown clumps left by too-tiny dogs
  • Roma’s very confusing, twisting, and winding streets.
  • The chaotic driving of dauntless drivers
  • Having to pay for water at restaurants
  • Crowded, smelly, body-to-body bus rides
  • The looks a late, freshly-showered person gets for being outside with wet hair
  • The more traditionally conservative viewpoints that are commonly accepted
  • How the entire city seems to always be tardy
  • How the tourists gravitate in massive blobs toward all the major sights
  • How so many humans have no choice but to use the hard, cold streets as their beds and pillows at night

❤ LOVE ❤

… and the expression to go with this one as well (in Ostiense)
  • Pizza, suppli, gelato, wine, coffee, pasta, and basically all things food and drink
  • The flowers, the sunshine, and the sudden outpour of happy people kissing, reading, and eating throughout the city when Spring arrives
  • How the entire city seems to be tardy
  • The people.  Especially the friendly kind who patiently endure your poor Italian-speaking skills
  • Rome’s antiquity and its lesson-filled history
  • The cobblestone streets and the sound of feet wandering aimlessly atop them
  • Gorgeous piazzas perfect for slowing down life’s pace by reading or people watching
  • The abundance of flower and fruit corner-stands that sprinkle the city with colors, good smells, and good tastes

Well, if you’ve made it this far in my nostalgia-induced post, GRAZIE MILLE.  ‘Til next time, my friends!



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