Hello, friends! Just a few things about myself… I love food, photography, nature, music, the smell of books (and books themselves), laughter, most animals, deep talks, feminism, coffee and traveling. In fact, this last love of mine is the driving force behind the creation of this blog. You see, this semester I have the AMAZING opportunity to study abroad in Rome, so I’ve decided to do what many before me have done and write about my experiences here. I suppose that by writing this, I hope that somebody somewhere will enjoy my words, or at the very least learn from my mistakes, which are bound to be plentiful. This will also serve as a place I can look back at down the road when I’m an old woman in a rocking chair with my three exotic pets, wondering why there’s a small, travel-sized gnome in so many of my travel pictures.

This gnome’s name is Gnomeo Arwen Odysseus (just in case you were wondering), and throughout this semester, I’ll bring him along for all of my travels.  I received him as a birthday present from my mother, and it’s with my mother that I’ve so often watched the French film “Amélie.” As part of the plot-line, a garden gnome “travels” the world and sends post cards back to Amélie’s father (its owner) with pictures of him in front of famous destinations.  Such was my inspiration. And now, I hope that not only will you be inspired to watch “Amélie” if you haven’t before, but that you will also find some enjoyment in the posts about my travels (and Gnomeo’s) to come.  For now… Ciao!


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